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This is a short preview of 'Wheels on the Bus' from My Baby Speaks 3 Languages Volume 1 performed by three children. The song starts in English, followed by Spanish, and concludes in Chinese.

Mission Statement

The Mission of My Child Speaks Three Languages is to provide children with an avenue to communicate with more than 75% of the people in the world and to spark an intrinsic interest in various cultures and world languages.

In this flattening world where people from across the globe can communicate without ever leaving their home or country, where people from different countries are tied to a single project and in which the ability to communicate and understand one another is essential for world peace, providing opportunities for our children to speak three languages is critical to their future and ours. The vision of My Child Speaks Three Languages is to provide as many children as possible with the foundational language skills and brain wiring to acquire the three most widely spoken languages in the world so that they are prepared to thrive and lead in a global society.

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What We Offer

Three children perform classic American children songs with simple, fun props. For each song, they sing it first in English, then Spanish, followed by Chinese. Young children can easily be introduced to the excitement of multilingualism through these fun performances. They will be excited to follow the rhythm, the lyrics, and even the moves! You can download the lyrics here →

DVD Volume 1
CD Volume 1
DVD+CD Combo Vol. 1
This volume was created for kids 12 months to 8 years old. Our DVD offers excitement and learning through singing and dancing while listening to English, Spanish, and Chinese lyrics.
Kids can still enjoy having fun while learning on the go by listening to the CD. The CD has all ten songs sung in the three featured languages and is then followed by instrumental versions to encourage karaoke singing.
You'll get awesome savings when you purchase the DVD and CD combination package. Adults interested in learning Spanish and Mandarin will also find the songs enjoyable.

Return/Refund Policy

It's easy to return an item if you're not satisfied. We will issue a refund to your original form of payment for items returned within 14 days. Items must be returned in their original condition; shrink-wrapped products must be unopened.

Returns are accepted within 14 days of the date that you received your order. DVDs and CDs (in their original, unopened, shrink-wrapped condition) can be mailed with the original packing slip to:

My Child Speaks Three Languages
PO Box 6165
Lakewood, CA 90714-6165

Delivery Method and Timing

My Child Speaks Three Languages will send orders either by USPS or by courier:

   •  USPS delivery takes approximately three to five business days.
   •  Courier delivery takes one to three business days within the US.

What You Should Know

Welcome to My Child Speaks Three Languages! My name is Dr. Cheryl James-Ward, and I am the creator of the company. I’m also a full time professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at a leading university in Southern California where I teach masters and doctoral level courses. My university research is centered on the 21st century skill sets that children will need to thrive in today’s global world. In addition to my work at the university, having been a successful principal (including principal of a dual language school), I coach principals and spend a bit of time each year in China doing research in schools. My husband is a Superintendent for the second largest county office of education in the state of California, and we believe that every child should be multilingual in today’s flat world.

The research is clear that young children are naturally wired to acquire all languages of the world. The earlier children are exposed to languages, the easier it is for them to acquire. “Babies all over the world are what I like to describe as ‘citizens of the world.’ They can discriminate all the sounds of all languages, no matter what country we’re testing and what language we’re using.” (Kuhl, 2011). [http://www.ted.com/talks/patricia_kuhl_the_linguistic_genius_of_babies.html]

Language researchers report that being multilingual also positively influences aspects of cognitive flexibility (Cummins, 1976; Kuhl, 2011). In a study conducted by Cummins (1975), a world renowned linguist, a high percentage of these multilingual youngsters perceived relationship between words in terms of their symbolic rather than their acoustic properties. Comparative studies between second and third grade multilingual children and their monolingual peers pointed to greater divergent thinking by multilinguals, said differently these children tended to be more creative thinkers. Another reason to expose children to languages early in life is that as youngsters progress through puberty, their ability to acquire a second language significantly decreases (Kuhl, 2011).

Because young children are wired for all languages of the world, it seemed natural to those of us at My Child Speaks Three Languages to expose them to three languages. This hypothesis was supported by the outcomes of a school in Lakeside, California, Riverview Elementary, where just after the first two years of the implementation of the Spanish Immersion program (native English speakers being taught primarily Spanish), students were thriving in both languages. Teachers at the school then introduced the children to a third language, Mandarin, and students continued to thrive at record rates.

pie chart image

We chose English, Mandarin and Spanish for our languages not only because those are the languages that our children are learning, but because:

  1. Mandarin, Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world followed by English, then Spanish.
  2. English is the primary language used by businesses in the world.
  3. Learning Chinese increases students’ mathematical and analytical skills.
  4. Learning Chinese stimulates both sides of the brain and creates capacity in the brain for character-based languages.
  5. Children who speak English, Spanish and Mandarin can communicate with roughly 75% of the world!

Download Song Lyrics
If you are having trouble viewing the pdf document, 'Right Click' and select 'Save Link As...' to download.


  • Cummins, J. (1976). The Influence of Bilingualism on Cognitive Growth: Synthesis of Research Findings and Explanatory Hypotheses.
  • Cummins, J. (1975). Cognitive factors associated with intermediate levels of bilingual skills. Unpublished manuscript, Educational Research Centre, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin, 1975.
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Why Our Company Was Created

My Child Speaks Three Languages was developed because of our belief in children being multilingual. As the creator of the company, I am committed to multilingualism. My two children attend a trilingual program twenty-five miles from our home. My husband and I happily make the 50 mile round trip each day so that our children may attend a school where they learn the curriculum in three languages. My children have attended the school since kindergarten and have mastered the content required by the state of California in languages other than their native tongue, English. When we travel the world, they are eager to communicate with other children in their native tongue and unafraid to try new languages. They are confident in their ability to communicate and respect the languages of others. My other company partners are also committed to multilingualism as they either have children in language immersion programs or teach in them.

We live in flat world in which people from across the globe can communicate with each other at any moment of time through a variety of mediums. We live in a world in which people from across the globe collaborate on projects from different corners of the planet. Twenty-first century workers must be able to communicate orally and in writing, have awareness of numerous cultures and be flexible in their ability to think and shift gears (Wagner, 2008). The world is rapidly becoming flat again, but in a very different way than Europeans of the Renaissance era believed (Friedman & Mandelbaum, 2011). We must ensure that children, the future of our world, are prepared to thrive, communicate, and solve global problems together.

How To Contact Us

My Child Speaks Three Languages, LLC
PO Box 6165
Lakewood, CA 90714-6165

E-mail: info@mychildspeaks3languages.com
Website: www.MyChildSpeaks3Languages.com

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